Web & Mobile Video Streaming and Conferencing
Unified Communication management


GML is a premise or cloud based video conferencing and collaboration platform. GML will enhance legacy video endpoints and enable legacy systems to communicate with all mobile appliances.


Secure, remote management of video conferencing infrastructure and conferencing services delivered via an enterprise network or the cloud. nGVC can manage and monitor all enterprise video communications regardless of endpoint manufacturer or software provider. nGVC entire suite of services are provider and device agnostic.


V-ProbeHD, the only independent HD IP video testing, certification
and call quality monitoring tool in the market.
V-ProbeHD provides
accurate video quality measurements without the need for a complex integration or upgrade.



U-nMe allows live, one-on-one screen sharing and real time conversations between Celebrities and their fans.


Our patented application that allows for tablet-to-tablet communication and phone calls.


Why nGen VidCom?

  • Beyond Flash or HTML5
  • Large Scale Webinars
  • 25 years of expertise
  • Efficient Global Network
  • Not blocked by Firewalls
  • Crisp Clear Video Quality
  • Truly Mobile Solution
  • Completely Interactive
  • Not just conferencing


Unified Mobility Video Calling, Conferencing and Streaming from any device in an easy and affordable service..

Reach more customers, interact with your viewers and engage an audience like never before.