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B2B web Video Conferencing Solutions

GlobalMeetLive (GML) is a device agnostic Mobile platform that attaches to all Cisco, Polycom, Tandberg, Compunetix, LG, etc. infrastructure. GML integrates all disparate endpoints into a homogeneous network that is easily managed, monitored and supports scalable mobile video conferencing. Leveraging connectivity with the Mobile Pathway Protocol, GML is a powerful tool for both B2B & B2C clients. MPP leverages already open and secure standard web ports to enable secure connectivity and interoperability between mobile devices and HD video systems.

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One-to-One mobile video communication

A patented, B2C application enabling tablet to telephone communication and phone calls. This ground breaking technology will be available to consumers in North & South America in December of 2012.



One-to-Many Interactive Video Streaming

Live, streaming B2C platform that will allow for one on one, real time conversations between Celebrities and up to 50,000 of their fans at a time. Participants share the screen with their favorite musician, athlete, author, spiritual advisor or business executive. From the celebrities Desktop or Studio to the users Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone or Droid, U-nMe is an experience of a lifetime.




V-ProbeHD (V-PHD) is the only independent IP video testing, certification and live call quality monitoring tool in the market. V-PHD connects to an enterprise network and provides accurate video quality measurements without the need for a complex integration or upgrade to existing video and network infrastructure. V-PHD also provides easy to use features and professional management to simplify our clients video communications, increase scalability and reduce expenses.

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