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Mission Statement

  • nGen VidCom (nGVC) is pioneering converged video collaboration on a global basis. nGVC provides products & services that will improve the quality, performance and mobility of video conferencing across all IP networks. nGVC’s agnostic suite of services will increase our client’s Revenue & Profit, reduce expenses and enhance Corporate Communications. nGVC’s Java based technology allows synchronous communication between all video & audio devices: DeskTop, LapTop, Tablets, Mobile Phones and HD video conferencing systems. Simply stated, nGVC's offerings represent a paradigm shift in the way companies and people will communicate in the years to come.
  • Our Founder

  • Andrew Pickard - President & Chief Executive Officer

    Executive, Leader and Startup/Turnaround Professional with more than 25 years of Technology and Packaging experience. Proven, consistent results creating and implementing go-to-market strategies, developing global marketing alliances, building first class teams and exceeding revenue performance targets for organizations ranging from $80 million to $50 billion in annual revenues.
    Andy Pickard

nGen’s Device Agnostic Solutions

As a cross-platform solution provider nGen’s products are seamlessly and easily integrated with all legacy systems in the industry.